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Massage Services

Massage (Prenatal, Postpartum or Restorative)

Exclusively working on mamas throughout the valley throughout all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

Incorporate massage throughout your entire pregnancy and maximize benefits for yourself and your baby.  Relax, enjoy better sleep, reduce aches and pains and overall just feel better.  A happy mama is priceless!!

Single Session:  $75

Package of 3: $210

Package of 6: $360

All massages are 60 minutes.  

*Discounts for Military Moms and Teachers.  Call for more information.



Ginger Healing Treatment:  $50

Infuse the power of ginger, DoTerra Essential Oils, Hot Towels and Reflexology to invigorate, restore and re-set your body.  It is simply unlike anything you have experienced before.  Not for prenatal.  Postpartum and Beyond.  Available on 90 min. sessions only.

Upgrade to 90 min:  $25

Turn any massage into a 90 min massage for an additional fee.  Must be scheduled in advance.

(DIY) Belly Cast Kit:  $35

Belly Cast kit by Belly Vita.  Great gift idea for mamas in their 3rd trimester.  Create a mold of your beautiful, glowing belly.  A wonderful keepsake!