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1.  Can I get a massage during the first trimester?

Yes.  Massage is a safe, hands on modality that can help mom relax throughout her entire pregnancy.  Therapists trained and certified in prenatal massage techniques know which areas of the body are safe for prenatal massage.

2. Do you use the pregnancy massage table?

No.  All prenatal services are rendered using the side-lying position.  This is the safest and most effective method.  Using pillows and bolsters, moms lay on their side.  This position allows the massage therapist to use appropriate pressure in the low back, hips and glutes without putting any pressure on the abdomen.

3.  How long is it safe to get a massage?

Massage therapy is safe throughout the entire pregnancy (assuming a normal pregnancy and not considered high risk).  It is possible to get massage up to and beyond the baby's due date.  A Labor Doula will massage the mom during active labor and assist with stress and pain reduction.  Please see resource page for Doulas.

4.  I am considered high risk, can I still get a massage?

With permission of your doctor or midwife, yes you can continue to get a massage.  Massage can be very effective at calming mom and reducing overall stress on the body as well as the baby.  A mom who breathes deeply is a baby who breathes deeply.  Depending on the unique situation, a full body massage may not be appropriate.

5.  What kind of training do you have?

All staff is a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Arizona, as well as certified in prenatal and postpartum massage therapy.

Other modalities and training include:  Medical Massage for Sciatic Pain, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, DoTerra essential Oils.

6.  Can I bring my baby with me to my massage appointment?

Yes.  Newborns and babies are welcome to come to the massage appointment with mom.  Massage will generally be in the side-lying position, and baby can be with mom on the table.  You can also bring your carrier. 

7.  How often should I get a massage?

Ideally, incorporating massage into your entire pregnancy will yield the maximum results for mom and baby.  Depending on the discomfort level of mom, massage can be monthly, weekly or any combination.  Massage can help reduce the onset of pain and discomfort and help mom relax and mentally prepare for birth.